Friday 7 December 2012

Sad news stories.....

Today is a very sad news day.

Two major stories are dominating the television and the Internet.

Firstly, the tragic events that unfolded yesterday afternoon and left Inspector Bryson Anderson of the NSW Police Force murdered in the line of duty.

Such a waste of life....a man.....just doing his job....snatched away from his wife and three children.  There will be no happy Christmas for his family this year...or for many years....with such an anniversary to endure each December.

Then....the funeral of Daniel Morcombe....exactly nine years from the day that he was taken.

This story has always captured my attention.  It could have so easily happened to any one of us....or our children.  It made parents hold on just that little bit tighter to their kids.  I remember staring at drawings made from witness statements...staring at the possible face of the monster that could do such a thing.....trying to tell if it was anyone I knew or had ever seen...imagining that perhaps it was.  I remember everyone else...that Daniel would turn up some day....but then again what state would he be in, could he possibly have been able to go on and live a normal life?

But this was not to be.....and although it is a time of great sadness, it must be a great relief for his parents to finally be able to lay him to rest, after all this time.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I shed a little tear as I watched the news this morning.....and so did the newsreader....we really do need to live each day as though it is our last....and hold those dearest to us just a little bit tighter.

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