Monday 3 December 2012

Decorating the tree....Take 2.....

It was Hubby's first day back at work after a month off.

He made himself two ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch...and then left them at home.

Turns out it was a precursor of things to come.

He got to work.....checked his emails.....over 500 awaited him.....then he checked his diary....just so happens he was meant to be in Melbourne today.

So then it was back pack a bag....then off to the airport (again)....on the upside it gave him the opportunity to pick up his lunch!!

So Hubby is gone, Master 15 has to work till 10pm...and the Christmas tree still sits in the corner in a state of nudity.

The idea of the family gathering together and decorating it as we listen to Christmas carols and sip egg nog is getting less and less likely.  I asked Master 12 if he would like to decorate it this evening......just the two of us....but he'd prefer to play PlayStation!

Is it just me or is Christmas always better in theory than in practise?

Feeling alone, rejected and dejected?

1 comment:

  1. At least your tree is out of it's box! I have pretty well decided that I won't even bother finding ours this year . . . there is no Christmas spirit here at all :o(