Wednesday 26 December 2012

Boxing Day Delights.....

As if we haven't already eaten WAY too much....we decided to have our own little Christmas lunch on Boxing Day.

We had a ham to use....and I'm never one to pass up the opportunity for a glazed, baked one.

Boxing Day is otherwise traditionally a day for lazing around, patting our bloated bellies and reminiscing on the year that was....if you're very lucky you might also get a foot massage....

Christmas Day Hangover

Well Christmas Day has come and gone,
It never seems to stay for long.
We build it up with anticipation,
And expect the day to be pure elation.
So we cook and clean and spend our money,
If we weren't all broke it'd be quite funny.
We share our gifts and ooh and aah,
We eat and drink too much by far.
Full of pudding, turkey, ham and beer,
We smile and say "It's only once a year".
But the extra kilos and jiggly thighs,
Are sure to stay for quite a while!

By Me


  1. Oh no, so that's where these jiggly thighs came from!! :-(