Thursday 6 December 2012

Haircuts can be hazardous.....

I had an appointment to get my locks lopped today.

So off I went to the hairdresser.

I was feeling a little bored.....not a good state of mind to take with you to the hair salon....that's when extreme, irreversible things can occur.

I even took a picture with I had found when I was sick in bed with my head cold....oh dear....sick and's a lethal combination.

So I showed the picture to Kath, my hairdresser.....who I may add is worth her weight in gold......

She looked at it for a long, considered moment....then she looked at me.....

"You know I really like it as it is....let's just update it with a side sweeping fringe."

Thank the Lord for Kath....she has saved me from myself....yet again.

So here I am....

...though I don't think my fringe has quite decided which side it intends to sweep to yet!!

It's not her's my hair (my cowlick to be precise) that makes it look like I've been attacked by a giant pair of pinking shears.....I swear.....nothing that half a pot of gel and a 2000 watt blowdryer can't fix!

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