Friday 14 December 2012

I'm a proud Mumma.....

It's great when as the end of the school year approaches you get a couple of letters in the post.  The ones that have been sent from the Principal.  The ones that tell you it would be a good idea to turn up at the Presentation Assembly and bring your camera...because your child is getting an award.

Well I'm having a good end of school year...because I got three of those letters this year...and I've only got two kids.

Today was the High School Presentation....Master 15 received an Academic Excellence Award for Law.....of all subjects.  I can certainly attest to his ability to perhaps he can use this competence to his advantage.  I have often told him to join the Debating Team....he was born to debate.

I had also received a letter to tell me that Master 12 was getting an award at the High School Presentation.  He is just finishing up in 6th Grade....but the boys attend a K-12 school.

He very proudly accepted his Gold Award.  This is presented to the student who has, over time, received 45 commendations and who has also performed some form of Community Service.  Congratulations Master 12!

 We still have the Primary Assembly to go on Monday....and we got "the letter" for it too....and that is why today......even more than usual.....I am a very proud Mumma!

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