Tuesday 11 December 2012

Buster and his new bandanna......

Buster is the hairy, slightly crazy member of our family.

Today I booked him in for a haircut, because we want him looking his best during the festive season.

I take him to a groomer that works out of the vet's clinic.

Buster hates going to the vet, see what I mean here, he also hates getting his hair cut....or more specifically the hair on his face cut, he finds the procedure extremely offensive and doesn't mind expressing his displeasure.  So as far as he is concerned this type of outing is a double whammy.

He gets so excited when you reach for the leash and he realises that he's going out.  He sits up in his seat in the car, hanging his head out the window in glee, smiling a great big doggy grin.  Then you turn the corner into the vet's car park....and he turns to you with accusing eyes.  "How could you???"

Well, turns out I could, what's more I did...and so in he went whether he liked it or not!

I picked him up a few hours later....out he came looking all primped and preened, wearing a perky little bandanna...

"Did he behave?"  I ask.

"He's getting much better," the girl replied.

I brought him home.....$50 poorer.....I can't believe his haircuts cost more than mine!

When I got him home and really looked at him I found his body all sleekly clipped and looking great....but his face remains overgrown and bedraggled....sigh....

.....out come the scissors and I finish the job.....kinda....that sure was an expensive bandanna!!!!

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