Sunday 28 October 2012

You know I'm give up.....

Hubby doggedly persists in his return to cricket and remains determined to see the season out to the bitter end.

I have blogged before about the difficulties he has been facing here and here.

This is what happens when you are playing a sport you haven't played in 15 years...though Hubby seems determined to forget or at least attempt to ignore the fact that he is 15 years older....and it doesn't help that you happen to be playing against opponents around half your age.

It is now a matter of pride.....he knows that I call him all kinds of crazy fool for thinking he can keep it up all season......and he remains determined to prove me wrong.  

So as each week passes, he grows more decrepit, he walks like an old man, he hobbles and limps and it takes him longer and longer to recover after each game.  His whinging and whining are doing my head in.....but he won't give up.....oh no.....after all then he would have to admit that I'm right!!

So in addition to his internal injuries...tricky knee, pulled muscles, aches and pains...which are all a bit difficult to photograph.....I am able to add these...and I think they prove I have a very strong case....

So Hubby, accept your limitations and bow out gracefully...well as gracefully as you can with your bad back.....and do it soon before the overpowering stench of Dencorub kills off my last remaining brain cells!

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