Sunday 7 October 2012

Is it Monday yet?

It's been quite a pooh of a day today.

We went grocery shopping....which I hate with a passion.

We got home and I had to put all the groceries away....which I hate even more.

While picking Master 15 up from work...the car played up....the speedo sat alarmingly on 0, even though I was driving on the freeway at at least 110kms per hour.  I didn't want to stop in case it never started again so I limped home, expecting the engine to self destruct at any moment.  Of course when I got home and Hubby took it for a spin to check it out it behaved perfectly!

Then I (somewhat emotionally) resigned from a position I have held for the last decade....that of Family Christmas Present Draw Officer.

Let me set the scene....

There are 6 kids in my family...and now that most of them have married and reproduced...and some of their kids have married and reproduced...there are quite an abundance of us.

It was decided years ago...that we couldn't afford to buy each and every one of us a Christmas present without extending our mortgages every December. So we set up a system where each male bought for one male and each female bought for one female....the buyers and buyees being decided in a random draw....and the kids got something from everyone until they left school.

I have had the joy of facilitating this draw for the last 10 years.

But now I am tired....tired of doing it and tired of trying to please everyone which frankly, is impossible.

This year...I have already managed to displease several family members and we are only in October.  It seems anything to do with Christmas is immediately fraught with emotional angst.

So I've called it quits.

I'm a dinner!!

I'm passing on the if anyone is interested......


Reporting to "The Family", this role is critical to the annual exchange of Christmas gifts.  You will require the ability to meet strict deadlines and manage high level disputes.

Job Description:

  • Complete the annual Christmas draw in a timely manner
  • Communicate draw result with all stake holders
  • Manage and resolve internal disputes 
Desirable Attributes:
  • Use of Microsoft word beneficial
  • Thick skin highly regarded
  • Willingness to take the blame for everything essential
  • Must work well in a low morale environment
The successful applicant will be rewarded with significant grief and stress, and an unattractive renumeration package totalling $0.00.  Package also excludes car, bonuses, share offers, leave entitlements or any overtime.  

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