Tuesday 16 October 2012

And now a good news story......

I'm a shopping junkie and I pretty much love all types of shopping.  Except for grocery shopping which I despise with the same level of passion that I reserve for finding dog shit on my shoe.

One of my very favourite varieties of retail therapy is the furniture or homewares store....I could browse for ever....which tries the patience of Hubby and Sons no end....so of course I usually leave them at home.

So imagine my excitement.....be still my beating heart......when I read this on the Sydney Morning Herald website.

Most specifically this....
"As part of the strategy to improve its competitive edge and spread costs, Mr Hood said Ikea would look to double its Australian store base from five on the east coast to at least four in Sydney, four in Melbourne and three in Brisbane. There was potential to build a store in Canberra and on the central coast.This year, Ikea will also cut prices on 900 products, some by as much as 50 per cent, on top of last year when it reduced prices on 2500 items from its 9000 product range."

Even more specifically this....
"There was potential to build a store in Canberra and on the central coast."
I'm doing a little happy dance right now...and ain't that sad!!
But I can easily while away a day at an Ikea store....and I would regularly....if they weren't so jolly far away and hard to find......this might not be so much of a problem if I wasn't a useless person with no sense of direction, a chronic inability to read a map, and so technologically disabled I can never get the GPS to work.

But there is hope for the future....a "potential" central coast store....I can hardly wait!

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