Wednesday 17 October 2012

Just say no......

We all have a vice or know that thing that you really need to get you through the day.

For some it's wine or drugs or cigarettes.  For others it's internet shopping, gambling or on line porn.

You know it's no good for know you should stop for your own well's affecting your's taking your just can't get through the day without it.

You need an's out of can't do it on your need HELP!!!

Here is my drug of choice......

....and as a sign of my enduring and everlasting affection I wrote it a little love poem.....

An Ode to Pepsi Max

Oh Pepsi Max within the can,
I am, no doubt, your biggest fan.
That perfect pop when I break the seal,
I love you with or without a meal.

You pick me up when I'm feeling flat,
And you promise not to make me fat!
So when my brain begins to fuzz,
I reach out for your caffeine buzz.

And though your adverts do suggest,
That the male species likes you best,
I here proclaim I'm your biggest fan,
And take my word I'm not a man.

By the way this is not a sponsored post...but if someone would like to pay me to drink Pepsi Max...then I'm all for it!

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