Wednesday 24 October 2012

A day in the country....

Buster and I went on a little day trip today.

We travelled from our house on the NSW Central Coast to my Sister's place at Kurrajong.

It's only a week and three days......not that I'm counting...... until we leave for the US.

While we are away Buster is going to have a little vacation at her place, so we thought it might be a good idea to get him accustomed to this idea in stages.  After all he doesn't always cope well when we go here to read about it.

Being an only dog child at our house, he will have to adapt to living with 2 other pooches during his little sojourn away.  Buster is not known for his manners when it comes to being sociable with other hairy we weren't too sure how this would go.  Thankfully he surprised us by behaving somewhat he didn't take a chunk out of any of the other my mind has been set to rest a little.

I think he will rather enjoy himself on his little holiday in the country...there's room to run, rabbits to chase...and who wouldn't rather look at this....than a fence?

 All that space and fresh air obviously took it's soon as we hit the road back home...he was snoring....



  1. Wow! Love that l - o - n- g photo from my back verandah! :o)

    1. Looks good doesn't it....apart from that little wobble in the middle!