Thursday 6 June 2013

This candy is crushing me.....

I truly believe last week ... when I was running those fevers ... that I fried my brain a little.

Since then my brain has just been filling the space inside my skull and not doing too much else.

Ideas for blog posts have been incredibly hard to come by ... and for the first time ... ever ... I am facing the reality of a big fat writer's block.  I can tell you dear readers that I do not like it one little bit ... the one thing I can usually rely on in life is my ridiculous imagination.

But this morning faced with another day of "nothing" I turned to Master 15 and tried to scrape an idea from his young, highly functioning brain instead.

"What should I write a post about today?"

He was staring fixedly at my iPad at the time ... trying to better me at Candy Crush ... and didn't pause for a moment before suggesting ... "Candy Crush".

"Candy Crush?? CANDY CRUSH?? Nobody wants to read about Candy Crush!!"

Master 15 paused for a moment ... sighed a heartfelt sigh ... and then ... while continuing to try and better me at Candy Crush ... explained life to me.

"Mum ... you've got to understand ... people like to feel that they're not alone."

"They want to know that other people have the same problems that they do."

"It makes them feel better when they know others share their problems."

"If someone reads your blog and they're stuck on a level of Candy Crush ...they will go 'OH MY GOD...I know exactly how she feels ... she GETS me ... for I too am stuck on a level of Candy Crush' and they will not feel so alone in the world."

Well as a public service I hereby publicly proclaim ... that I am stuck on Level 79 of Candy Crush.  I can not get past Level 79 of Candy Crush.  I cannot even get close to getting past Level 79 of Candy Crush.  I have been stuck on Level 79 of Candy Crush for many, many days.  I use up all my five lives in record speed without a hope of getting past Level 79.  Then I have to wait for my lives to re credit themselves before I can again fail at passing Level 79 on Candy Crush. I refuse to purchase more lives or power ups ... because I am cheap!

So Dear Reader ... if you too are stuck on a level of Candy Crush.  Rest assured, you are not alone.  I feel your pain and I sympathise with your frustration wholeheartedly.

That is all!


  1. Phew! I'm so glad I don't play Candy Crush! It sounds positively terrifying . . . and addictive. I'm staying away xxx

    1. I dare you to try it ... go on I double dare you!!!!

  2. oh jesus not you too!...its taking over the world!...are you still medicated??...just curious! xx