Friday 14 June 2013

Good Morning....

There are countless ways in which you can be awoken from your slumber.

A gentle ray of sunshine inching it's way across your bed ... the musical trilling of a bird outside your window ... what the heck ... even the subdued drone from Hubby's shower creates a gentle calming way to re-enter the land of awareness.

But I'll tell you one way you don't want to be awoken.

Rudely and abruptly by the sound of Master 13's shout,  "MUM ... I NEED A BUCKET" ... followed by alarming, unnatural bodily sounds of guts being heaved back from whence they came.

That is my most definitely unfavoured way to be awoken.

Your body reacts within a micro millisecond and throws itself from the bed in a single motion. Your ears are somehow processing information faster than your brain, because your cerebellum is yet to kick into gear.  Your eyes are still closed ... and yet somehow you find yourself running through the house, blindly, in search of a bucket ... because when you need them in a hurry they are NEVER where you left them or where they belong.

Once the bucket has finally been located ...then you have to locate the source of the shouting and heaving ... because it's not where you left it or where it belongs either.

By the time you find the subject inexplicably in the family room on the lounge ... you make a graceless dive across the room ... with the bucket held aloft in front of you.  And somehow you manage ... with a final inward one and a half pike rotation .... to slide to a stop ... with the bucket positioned perfectly to capture the entire noxious stomach contents.

Good Morning Mum!

Welcome back to the House of ill ... not ill repute ... just ILL!


  1. Lordy! It's never boring at your house, is it . . . . .

  2. the last time my little Charlie had a tummy bug he kept missing the bucket....didn't want to get it dirty...who knew it was his fave bucket??.....hope the lurgy pisses off quick!! x

    1. Oh dear ... poor Charlie ... poor bucket ... poor YOU!!
      I just hope this lurgy isn't contagious!!