Saturday 29 June 2013

Raindrops keep falling on my head...

It's been a little on the damp side this week.

Sydney has had it's wettest week in the last six years.

Up here on the Central Coast conditions haven't been quite so bad ... but they did force the cancellation of all weekend sports ... hooray ... which, of course is a terrible shame for the children.

So what did we decide to do on this cold and soggy day ... why we went for a drive to enjoy some sightseeing ... of course ... didn't you?

The conditions were perfect for appreciating our surroundings ...

Somehow ... completely by accident ... we ended up at Ikea ... which pleased Hubby no end.

The weather may have been atrocious ... but so was the Sydney traffic. We wasted way too much time stuck in traffic jams ... but sometimes it's just better to give way to the traffic in front of you...


  1. awesome! love this post. Sorry it has been so rainy there. Hopefully the IKEA adventure was fun...even if Hubby was not amused. xo

    1. Ikea adventures are always fun ... Hubby just need to relax and learn to enjoy them ;0)