Tuesday 4 June 2013

Everything old is new again....

I haven't come up with a brand new concept for this post.

Fashion has always been rather rotational.  If you stand still long enough ... you will come back into fashion.  In fact if you stand still long enough with enough swagger ... you'll probably be credited with being a trend setter.

But at this moment in time ... the world has gone mad ... mad for all things old ... and now new again.

Some of these things and styles I joyously welcome back like running into an old friend that I haven't seen in waaay too long.  Others I am aghast that anyone thought of them in the first place ... much less welcomed them back for a second go around.

Everything is advertised as "retro" and "vintage" ... even if it was made in China last week.

Footballers are wearing mullets.

Our houses aren't complete until we get that authentic, vintage, seventies sideboard ... the same one we were contemptuously throwing out onto the council clean up 12 months ago.

My sister and I had a serious discussion on the benefits of getting a perm ... and decided it was indeed beneficial ... not to mention right on trend.

RayBan's are absolutely "must have". The thicker the frame the better.

Chunky, patterned knits are back ... apparently.

Master 15 is trying to convince me that he needs to spend over $100 on a new pair of jeans.  Because they are the "newest" thing.  They are "acid wash" jeans.  They are not new ... they are "ACID WASH".

An eagerly awaited parcel arrived for Master 15 yesterday. He informed me that these are bang on trend ... they are all limited edition and hard to get.  I informed him that tie dye t shirts and bags were not invented by his generation ... and they are only "limited" by your imagination, luck and the coloured dyes currently available at the supermarket.

** sigh **

I'm not sure if this all makes me feel really old or really young again.

But I do know one thing!

If this authentic, vintage chicky babe sees a fluorescent green t shirt with enormous shoulder pads ... a sand blasted leather skirt ... hot pink jelly sandals ... worn with pearls and a crucifix ... then she is outta here!!!!


  1. Oh you are so right. You have me in giggles! LOVE this post! xo

    PS sorry I accidentally erased your comments/and my blog post from last week. I reposted the blog post you commented on. It was a SNAFU. xxoo

    1. Oh dear...sounds like something I would do. Technology is not my friend :0)

  2. All we need now is the return of Hypercolor t-shirts!!! How to show the world that your underarms are warm . . . . eeeewwww!

    I'm still considering the perm - the current state of the hairdo is so gross that I knitted myself a hat yesterday and will probably be wearing it forever!!

  3. This made me laugh...I had a jacket with shoulder pads in on the other day and my 14 year old thought they were the funniest thing...yet she wears things that I swear are not cool but hey what does a 40 something mum know!!!

    1. Aaahhhhh ... shoulder pads ... how to make your hips look slimmer in one easy application. I'm sure they'll be back soon ... If not this week ... maybe next :0)