Tuesday 9 April 2013

What day is it today?

It was on this day a very long time ago,
In a small country town that we'll call Dorrigo.
Where a woman yelled "Mick...I might take a short rest,"
"From the kids and the milking....it's all for the best."
"There's another quick errand that I need to run,"
"And at the conclusion you'll have a daughter or son."

So they went into town with no ifs, buts or maybes,
There was no mucking around...cause it was her sixth baby.
By lunchtime, "A daughter" the nurse happily said,
Then as Mum checked out baby...she found hair that was red.
Now, it's becoming quite clear as you read this short story,
That the baby was me...in all of my glory.

The truth of the matter...it's my birthday today,
How old have I turned...I don't think I should say.
But around about now...you wish I was confessing,
And what would you say....if I just left you guessing?
There's a picture below...it's of me....it is true,
And if you look very closely you might find a clue.

By Me


  1. Hahahahahaha!!! Laughed so hard, some wee came out . . . . .

    Happy Birthday!!!! xxx

  2. see Jo I knew we liked each other for a good reason (assuming you like me!!!...sheez presumptive much!)....April 1970....what a great time in history!!!....haha you are older than me by 18 days....let me re word that!...I am younger than you by 18 days....happy birthday my sweet cyber friend!!. hope your boys spoil you rotten...im sitting here eating a crème egg in your honour! (found at the back of the fridge....eggs usually never survive this long after easter!)....may there be laughter and cake today and always! xx

    1. Thanks Al...of course I like you...you're my best cyber buddy.....specially now I know you were born in April...like all the intelligent , interesting and good looking people are ;0P
      BUT...the year was a clue....the next clue is that the photo was taken in February!!! Seems I might be a bit more senior citizen than you after all :0)

  3. lol...oh I`ll blame the shandy I had for me thinking this shot was of a rather huge newborn!!! haha...April `69?...I wont hold it against you , I love anything that came out of the 60`s x

    1. LOL...my eyes water at the very thought that this was a newborn :0)
      I reckon you'd probably find me on the bargain table at the oppy around about now...I'm around about the right vintage :0P