Wednesday 3 April 2013

How crafty......

It's wet and it's miserable and I haven't done a single thing all day....besides fold yesterdays laundry....and believe body wants to read a blog post about that.

So given the extreme lack of activity here today I thought I would share a little activity I performed on an earlier occasion.

One day I was perusing my home magazines and I saw a wall hanging that someone had created using badges.  I thought to myself, "What a natty idea....shame I've never been a collector of badges."

But then being the ideas woman that I am I thought, "What's to stop me doing something similar but with buttons?"  And of course there was absolutely nothing to stop the fact that I didn't have any cute buttons either.

But that was easily fixed...eBay what would I do without I know I could have bought badges off eBay too...but by this time my imagination had moved on from them.

So I got a bit of calico....and I drew a heart....but of course you could do any shape you like.....and I got sewing.  The kind of sewing anybody can do....sewing on a button.....even Hubby could sew on a button....maybe.

Then I popped it into a frame from Ikea.......and there you go.......Bob's your uncle.......except he's my brother-in-law.......

The perfect rainy day craft!!


  1. Looks good. One DIL made her wedding bouquet from buttons from the button shop at Newtown. Can't remember its name, but a search will turn it up if you want more for another project.. She wired them and also bought silver letter buttons to spell out their names. I can't find a picture to show you but it looked good. She does lots of unusual and different things. Wedding dress was a cheongsam. She's over 6' tall and very slight, so it looked great on her with very high heels. She just matched my son in height with the heels.

    1. Wow.....what a fantastic idea....she must be a very clever girl....and a very tall one :0)