Saturday 6 April 2013

Well I never.....

Earlier in the week the 2013 Sydney Swans Membership Guide arrived in the post.

It was promptly filed in the " at a later date....if you remember" section AKA shoved behind something, under something...somewhere on the kitchen bench.

Then last night, Master 15 was looking for something to peruse while he consumed a bowl of ice cream.  He dug around a bit and happened to come across the Membership Guide in it's hiding place.

He opened it and got reading....shortly afterwards he called out excitedly "Have you seen this?"....which of course I hadn't as he had only just opened it.

So I wandered over to discover what was causing his agitated state.

Grinning broadly from page 43 was a vaguely familiar bunch of people....

Now that was unexpected!!


  1. Jo your famous!! and look at you all cool in your shades!...considering yours boys love of the game im sure they were tickled x

    1. Those shades should come in handy when I try to avoid the paparazzi....they haven't turned up yet....I wonder what's keeping them ;0)

    2. oh so so so very awesome. xo