Saturday 20 April 2013

Friday football for the fanatics....and me.....

The Sydney Swans were playing The Geelong Cats in a game of AFL last night at the Sydney Cricket Ground.  So, as is our usual custom....we were making the trip down to watch.

The weather was looking particularly threatening...

....and I ummed and ahhed about whether to make the trip all the way down the freeway or whether to stay home and snuggle up on the lounge in my pj's to watch the game instead.

The pj's were looking particularly attractive....well not attractive, but comfortable certainly....but I gave into peer pressure...and joined the an extra....for the outing.

The Sydney Cricket Ground was looking good...but there was a strong southerly buster blowing and we were all feeling the cold.  

Farewell summer.....there was a definite wintry chill in the air....and the overcoat got it's first workout for the season and the year.  (On a high point I discovered a pair of gloves I thought I may have lost in America in the it wasn't all bad).

The game was a sell out....and the stands were full....

There were high expectations held for a Sydney they were so far undefeated this season and the reigning premiers......but.....despite the heavenly aura on the field.....

....the night was not to be theirs....and as a result not ours either.

Throughout the entire evening I waited nonchalantly in the stand for the crowd of over 31000 to notice the celebrities in their may remember this.....

........surprisingly I was not approached for a single autograph....I can't imagine why...I guess they were all a little in awe and overcome with shyness....maybe next game ;0P


  1. umm excuse me but does the ring-in kid have red hair too?! I know its ok to be a bit selective of our kids friends but jo do you think you have gone too far??...let me guess you photoshopped him as a redhead!
    looks like fun!...not...gawd I hate ball games! x

    1. Haha...he surely does....looks just like one of the family doesn't he.
      Honestly...I am open to all hues of hair...but like moths to a flame they gravitate towards us :0)