Friday 26 April 2013

Quality time....

On Wednesday Hubby took the day off work.

It would be great if he had done that in order to spend some quality time with the kids and I during the holidays.

But I have a strong and well founded suspicion that was not the case.

Hubby took the day off work ... and took us out for lunch ...

... and for a little frolic by the water ...

... because he has a big fat guilty conscience.

Hubby spent a little time with us ...well not Master 15 because he is 15 and therefore couldn't be bothered to come.  Hubby spent a little time with us on Wednesday because on Thursday he was doing something so utterly ridiculous ... horrifyingly excessive ... incredibly self indulgent ... that he was trying to make up for it ... before he even did it!

Yesterday, with his bags packed and his passport in his pocket, he went flying across the Tasman Sea to New Zealand.  And for what?  You may ask.  Was it something noble ... considering it was Anzac Day and all?  Pfftt ... NO!  He flew ... at great expense ... to New Zealand watch FOOTBALL!

Like he doesn't already watch enough football.

His plans were to fly in on Thursday morning ... go to the football Thursday night ... recover Friday ...and fly home Saturday!

International air travel for the sake of the Sydney Swans!

And how will I spend the time he is away?  Making lists ... lots of lists ... long lists ... of all the ways in which he can make it up to me.

Starting with Master 15's 6.00am Sunday morning drop off at Maccas ... aaahhh ... revenge will be sweet.


  1. Oh my, this made, made, made my day! (well night really but I will be sleeping with a big sweet smile!) your blog is just so great. xo

  2. a weekend away has massive brownie points but an international jaunt!! love I see good things in your future...good things.x

    1. Yep...and I plan on collecting every single one of them...this has to be good for a few years worth of guilty debt repayments :0)