Wednesday 21 November 2012

Dire deeds at Disneyland.....

Second day at Disneyland......but a day of firsts!

For the first time in my living memory I did what I have always claimed I would never do. I committed the most heinous crime against fashion.....I reached the lowest of low......I wore the jean and sneaker combo......see below.....I advise that you avert your eyes from the hideous sight.....however my feet were overjoyed to be nestled in their cosy, supportive cocoons!

And then my second first.....let me set the scene.....

I have mentioned previously my distinct lack of fondness for the thrill ride. However I often find myself giving into the pressure exerted by my sons (and Hubby) and riding things I would never choose myself. For example, first thing this morning I found myself on the "California Screamin".....a roller coaster that goes very fast and loops the loop.....and all that jazz! I rode it.....I survived.....but I didn't and never will love it!

Then I saw the Mickey Mouse Ferris Wheel.....there was a line of smiling tots waiting to board....and a steady stream of smiling tots disembarking. This looks about my speed I decided.....and dragged the boys towards it.

The first inkling of disaster I had was when the line split 2 towards the fixed carriages and one towards the swinging. Of course Hubby, Master 15 and Master 12 headed straight for the swinging.....I felt a sense of impending doom! I was right.....though death would have been much less embarrassing. These crazy things swing right out so that suddenly what seemed like a nice secure cage actually reveals itself as a death trap...the side gates becoming the floor....a floor I can see straight through to the ground far, far below....with no safety harness or seat belt or anything. This might be a good time to reveal that I suffer from vertigo.....when I feel like an adrenaline rush....I climb a ladder!

I clamped my hands to the edge of my seat in a white knuckled heart rose into my mouth....along with my heart raced.....I broke out in a cold sweat....I squeezed my eyes shut.....and prayed for it to end!

I made it through one rotation....when Hubby made the call....due to the panic on my face.....and signalled for a halt to the ride! They brought down our carriage and let us out. I then made the walk of shame....past all the smiling toddlers in their carriages...who were no doubt wondering why that strange pale lady had made their fun ride stop.....and safety!

For the first time ever....I have been the reason a ride had to stop mid way through......I failed in my attempt to ride the death defying.....Mickey Mouse Ferris embarrassing......


  1. You absolute daredevil, you!! (I mean about the jeans and sneakers) :o)