Wednesday 15 May 2013

Political despondence.....

Now I will preface this post with a disclaimer ... I am about the most ignorant person in the world when it comes to politics.

I know we have an election coming up ... I can recognise the major faces ... I even know some of their names.  But that's about it.  When they start spouting their spiels my eyes glaze over and I go to my happy place.  Politics is B.O.R.I.N.G.  I know the responsible thing would be to take an interest and then make an informed decision regarding my vote ... like Hubby does ... but politics is B.O.R.I.N.G.

So after another day of political toing and froing and generally bad behaviour from our "leaders" I was inspired to write my own little piece of political coverage.

Political Review

Seems every time I turn on the news,
There's some politician blowing a fuse.
It's all budget cuts and energy prices,
Broken promises and the immigrant crises.
He says ... and she says ... then let's all fight.
I wouldn't have a clue who's in the right.
Gonski ... and nurses ... and numbers in classes,
Who's wearing speedoes ... and who got new glasses.
There's missing links ... policies ... the carbon tax,
Now say the right thing and cover your tracks.
Some funding to schools ... we'll just wait and see,
There's deficits ... polling ... and misogyny.
Back stabbing ... infighting ... I've had my fill,
Now watch out folks ... it's a leadership spill.
Is this what you call an election campaign?
Who'd know how to vote ... cause they all seem the same.
They're petulant ... snipey ... and never act classy.
If they start on a spiel ... then my eyes go all glassy.
Labor or Liberal ... who's best?  Can't remember,
But I know I'll by loony before we get to September.

By Me


  1. great ditty....I always wonder (and hope) that they watch back some of the tv footage and cringe with embarrassment....but I doubt it. just vote for the one who supports gay marriage!...oh yeah that's right none of them do!!....our country should be so proud.x

    1. First priority of any political party ... staying in power. Actually changing things for the better is somewhere much further down the list! Am I cynical ... not much!!!!