Tuesday 14 May 2013

Fashion, food and forgetfulness.......

This morning there was a definite chill in the air ... and so as I  contemplated what to wear for my weekly jaunt out for lunch ... I excitedly added a few winter items to the mix.

Does anyone else get soooooo sick of their clothes ... that they can't wait for the season to change?

This morning I am pleased to announce ... my boots were dug out of their summer storage ... and placed on my feet.

And because it appears that this is swiftly becoming my very first "fashion post" ... I took a quick selfie as I ran out the front door ... like all the cool kids do.

My weekly lunch date takes place at my local shopping centre ... this isn't really worth a mention in itself ... but I did wonder how many others have this sort of outlook from their shopping centre car park?

Today I had the chicken and cashew nuts ... too busy eating it to take a photo ... sorry ... but it looked something like this ...

In other more important news ... Master 13 sat the first of this year's NAPLAN exams this morning.  First up was Literacy ... not his strongest subject unfortunately.  Once he arrived home I asked him how he thought he went.

"Ummm ... we had to write a true story about a Hero ... I forgot to write an introduction ... but I did remember the conclusion."

Mmmmm ... maybe nobody will notice!!

Fingers crossed for the numeracy.

Perhaps inspired by the testing circumstances of the day ... this afternoon Master 13 got in and did his homework ... without a single request from me.   This was such a rare and never before seen event ... that I captured it as photographic evidence for the archives.

Miracles can come true.


  1. geez how long do you make the poor kid sit and do homework?...that's a huge jug of water!
    oh and I love your entry mirror...and the boots. I dug mine out and sadly they have shrunk??....or my calves have gained a couple of kilos....I`ll let you guess which statement is correct! :(

  2. The jug of water was actually for the thirsty iron behind him ... as for the boots, I'm sure the summer humidity shrunk them a little ... nothing to do with the size of your calves at all ;0)