Monday 13 May 2013

How to spend Mothers Day.......

Mothers Day seems like ancient history now ... having been a whole 24 hours ago ... but I still thought I would share my exciting Mothers Day adventure.

There are so many places a Mother may request to visit on her special day ... so many different places for different Mums ... but I bet not too many would request a trip out to Bunnings Hardware.  But that's me ... expect the unexpected.

I love a project ... and nowhere inspires the projecter in me like Bunnings does.

Such a vast space ... filled with so many bits and bobs ... I wouldn't have a clue what 99.999999%  of them are ... or what they are used for ... but I'm sure I can come up with an idea or two.

A while ago I mentioned my plans for a front garden makeover ... I may not have mentioned it lately ... but that doesn't mean I have forgotten about it ... nosiree!

So as my Mothers Day request ... I asked that we head off to Bunnings in search of an Arbor in a kit ... to kick start that project into action.

I found it ...

... but Hubby looked at it dubiously ... querying just what level of quality you could expect from an Arbor that comes in a kit for $149.00.

So I declared that if he was happy to spend a little (lot) more ... I was happy to let him.

So there and then I drew up a quick plan ... like you do ... on the back of a docket ...

We sourced some materials ... cause we were in the right place ...

...and hopefully next weekend I will be able to put Hubby to work .. to create my custom designer one of a kind arbor ... stay tuned.

Of course we finished the Bunnings visit off the way every visit to Bunnings should be completed ...with a $2.50 snag sandwich!!

Happy Mothers Day to me ... and you too :0)

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