Tuesday 8 October 2013

Cruising on the carousel ....

This week's Shiny T Tuesday prompt is "Carousel".

Now despite all of my very best intentions to actually write a fashion post for Shiny T Tuesday ... like you're supposed to ... I simply couldn't find a single thing in my wardrobe that reminded me of a carousel in the slightest.

So I took the opportunity to reminisce a little instead.

Here's Master 16 back in 2000 ... when he was Master 2.

This was taken at the Royal Easter Show ... exactly 20 days after Master 13 ... then Master 0 was born.  We left Master 0 at home with my Mum ... which was the very first time I had left him ...  and took Master 2 out for a special day.

He loved the merry-go-round ... as you can see ... but chucked an impressive sized tantrum when he realised he couldn't ride it endlessly.

Here's Master 13 ... then Master 3 in 2003 at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast.

This was our first "proper" family holiday.  We stayed in a fancy high rise hotel and did all the touristy things.  The kids loved it.  They still class the Gold Coast as one of their favourite holiday destinations.

As you can tell ... Master 3 was rather fond of the carousel as well.

So was Master 16 ... then Master 6 ... but he was trying to play it cool.

Is there anything more joyful to a kid ... big or small ... than a carousel??

At least Master 3 colour co-ordinated his shorts with his prancing pony ... as did the lady in front of him ... so please note my impressive token reference to fashion.

Next week I'll do better ... I promise.


  1. omg look at them!!! they are so icklle wicklle! love it! cheat away, it's always fabulous whatever you link up xxxxx

    1. They were so cute back then ... when did they suddenly turn into smelly teenagers???

  2. 2 posts! you are an efficient woman! I can't think what your surprise package is???but then the couch shape gave me a clue, you must be excited! they are the cutest pics of your baby boys, how gorgeous!! colour co-ordinating carousel riding is sooo fashion! x x

  3. Matching shorts and horses, genius! Such cute pics. We have a fabulous old-fashioned merry-go-round which comes to our city every Christmas, it has the most beautiful painted horses, and we go on it every year. xxxx

  4. awwww...so cute! I love that you find fashion everywhere.