Wednesday 16 October 2013

Good things come to those that wait ...

I've been waiting for something to happen.

I knew it was inevitable ... I just had to be patient.

I get really impatient ... when I'm trying to be patient.

But when I arrived home from my mega long road trip on Sunday ... I knew it had finally transpired ... as soon as I got out of the car.

I smelled the evidence.

The jasmine was flowering.

I LOVE jasmine.

I love it so much ... I planted loads and loads of it ... which means Hubby planted loads and loads of it while I told him what to do.

I can't even begin to describe what this smells like ... but I'm guessing it's a bit like heaven.

Please walk through my perfumed arch.

Did I mention I LOVE jasmine.

If I bothered to look back through my blog archive ... I'm almost certain to find an almost identical post written approximately 12 months ago.

In another 12 months ... there will be another one ... because it really rates an annual mention.

Did I mention that I LOVE jasmine.


  1. mmmmmm. I love jasmine, too.

  2. Ohhh how perfect! I love jasmine, yet have never been able to get it to grow (okay I really only tried once about 8 years ago)! But my sister has it at her house and when it blooms -I agree, it IS heaven. what a gift!!! xo

    1. We are definitely not known for our green thumbs ... we kill far more than we grow ...and yet we have never lost a Jasmine. So if we can do it ... I'm sure you can ... give it another go :0)

  3. It looks so beautiful, but I have never smelt jasmine whhhhyyyyy? I may have to do actual real gardening and grow some as I would love heaven in my garden too! x x am of to research now x x

  4. I can only imagine the divine smell! x

  5. you have a hedge and arch of the stuff!! wowsers! I adore it too but have never seen so much, i bet it's sublime! x

  6. Mmmmm. Can I come to visit? Looks divine. xxx