Friday 6 September 2013

An Ode to Spring ...

There is one thing I've come to learn,
That without fail the seasons turn.
Like taxes, death and haemorrhoids,
It's something we just can't avoid.

The season marks the passing year,
And depends upon your hemisphere.
Now spring is here down in the south,
Time to clean?  HA!  Shut your mouth!

I'd rather spend the time outside,
Where in the garden I'll reside.
There's brand new flowers to be admired,
And stuffy noses to be acquired.

There's warm sunshine and gentle breezes,
And bouts of uncontrollable sneezes.
There's lots of babies being born,
Yep ... spiders, snakes and flies will swarm.

And now's the time to fertilise,
And suffer runny, itchy eyes.
Oh look ... a busy buzzing bee,
Now stay away and don't sting me.

I'm resting here ... a little breather,
And cultivating my hay fever.
Yes ... spring is a time to be enjoyed,
And cause irritation to your adenoid.

Happy New Season Everyone!!

By Me


  1. This hay fever sufferer loves your poem. That last photo is a stunner! Happy Spring to you!

  2. AITCHOO!! My adenoid says hello to your adenoid! xxx

  3. Wonderful! I can feel the sun heading down towards your corner of the earth, leaving us colder and darker. It's as it should be. Hope you have a lovely spring. Your poem is fantastic, we're very fond of making up rhymes here too.

    1. The warm weather has reached us very early this year ... in fact we barely had a winter to speak of. Hopefully the warmth will hang around in your part of the world for a little bit longer too.

  4. you took those photo's? they are amazing! goodness woman! I love the transition from one season to another, always feels like a new start, I am keen for autumn, really keen, I am missing my nana knitwear x x

    1. Indeed I did take the pics ... all in the garden at home. Hubby gave me a DSLR camera last year and it's been great fun learning how to use it. It makes it very easy to take a good photo ... so I really can't take the credit.
      I'm ready to put my nana knitwear away and dust off my strappy sundresses ;0)

  5. Wow! A poem that uses both the word haemorrhoid and the word adenoid. Has this ever been achieved before? Clever and funny. And lovely flowers.

  6. Beautiful! Love Spring flowers, not so much the hay fever though...

  7. What a cute ode to Spring, Jo. I'm sure she is loving your rhyming capabilities (there are some doozies in there!!). Haemorrhoids are unavoidable? Sheesh, I think I'll take the taxes!! x

    1. LOL .. we don't have much to look forward to do we :0)