Monday 26 August 2013

Make Love ... Not War ... and maybe a tie dye t-shirt too ...

A while back Master 16 ordered these off the Internet ...

... at EXORBITANT expense.

At the time I chastised him ... gently ... calling him all kinds of nincompoop ... because clearly we could have made them ourselves at much less expense.

Now be careful what you say to your children ... as you are chastising them gently ... because they just may take you at your word.

Last week he declared he was ready for us to make him some tie dye t-shirts.

Now at the time I may have inadvertently implied that I was some kind of tie dye expert ... with vast experience in all things tie dyed.  Alas ... I may have been exaggerating ... just a little.  I can't actually recall tie dying anything ... ever.

But how hard can it be?  If hippies can create tie dyed masterpieces while high on whacky tobaccy and magic mushrooms ... between bouts of free love .. then surely I ... while stone cold sober ... can come up with something to satisfy a 16 year old boy.

I thought about googling or you tubing for some tie dye instructions ... but in the end I just went and bought this ...

... that way someone else had already done all the research for me ... not to mention all the measurements too.

So I just had to get into my very best ... crafty pants ...

Mix up some kind of salty stuff into a bucket of water ...

... and add the t-shirts.

Let them soak ... while I added water up to the line for the dye.

Then follow the directions and add the dye to the t-shirts ... as artistically as possible.

Once they were suitably soaked in dye you have to put them into plastic bags and leave them for 12-24 hours.

The next day ... you simply rinse them in cold water and then pop them into the washing machine.

The time of reckoning is almost upon us ... fingers crossed!

You hope for a warm, sunny day ... and hang them out to dry ...

Now because I wanted to make sure they dried safely ... I selflessly stayed by their side ... on this warm, sunny day.

And then they were released to the critics ... I was a little scared ... these critics can be harsh!

"All we are saying is - Give peace a chance"

"And if you can't be with the one you love ... Honey ...  Love the one you're with"



  1. Glorious! I was a little afraid that you were going to tie dye your hair!

    1. It wouldn't have surprised me at all ... I managed to get it everywhere else ;0)

  2. "whacky tobaccy?". did you turn 80 and not tell me....haha. they look!! x

  3. your commitment to the success of the 't' shirts was exemplorary! especially on a beautiful sunny day!! they turned out so well though, professional and everything! - your craft pants are gorgeously artistic much nicer than my painting pyjamas x

    1. LOL ... everyone needs to have their own version of crafty pants ... such useful things to own.

  4. The shirts look great! Did you do the blue one hanging on the line too? I thought that the tie died shirts had to be tied someway while dyeing. I never did this while I was young but I remember some of my cousins or somebody doing them and they put rubberbands around them to get the colors in different areas of the shirt. The kit you used looks like an easier method.

    1. Hi Carla ... yes I did the blue one too ... the shirt had to be folded concertina style for that one. You still use rubber bands ... just twist or scrunch or fold the t-shirts and then hold it all in place with the bands. You can't really make a mistake ... if you do ... you just pretend you mean't it ;0)