Friday 20 February 2015

Larry's back ...

I'm sure you've all been hanging on the edges of your seats in breathless anticipation since I posted my first instalment in the tale of Lucky Larry … hoping day after day that today at last would be the day a new chapter would appear on this blog … for your reading delight.

Well wait no longer bloggy friends … the moment you have longed for has arrived … I give you …

Larry's Love life

Larry … he felt lonely … it was very sad to say,
He lived alone … all by himself … every single day.

This life had always suited him … till one fine day in June,
When first he spied Miss Madeline and felt his innards swoon.

It seems that she had moved into the house just down the street,
And Larry felt that it was fate … their destiny to meet.

Her skin was dewy rosebuds … her lips were cherry red,
Her laugh a gorgeous tinkle … her figure slim as thread.

Oh Larry, he was smitten … his heart was all a quiver,
He felt a rush from head to toe … it even touched his liver.

But Larry was quite shy … reserved … he found it hard to just convert,
Into a chatty … flirty lad … or a charming extrovert.

And so each day Miss Madeline would walk on past his gate,
And though he stared with longing … his words just came too late.

But time passed quickly on … as time is wont to do,
And still his feelings stayed unsaid … why she never had a clue!

But his love remained undimmed … and the time had come to say,
His feelings they would be declared next Valentiner's Day.

And so on Feb Fourteen … he put on his lucky shirt,
He brushed his teeth … combed his hair … gave his deodorant a squirt.

He waited by his garden gate … with roses in his hand,
And repeated o'er and o'er the speech he had prepared and planned.

Then finally at two fifteen … which was her usual time,
He saw her coming down the road … his gorgeous Madeline.

He swallowed down his nerves … and cleared his throat to speak,
He knew that he must hurry … before he began to freak.

As soon as she was level with the place in which he stood,
He jumped out of his hiding place … as quickly as he could.

He thrust the roses in her face … and shouted out his spiel,
He was determined she should realise … the emotion he did feel.

"I watch you each and every day … though you don't know I'm there,"
"I follow you whene're I can … I always have to stare."

"I watch your every movement … I love your every breath,"
"I'll follow you forever … you see I just love you to death!"

And Madeline … she stood stock still … her peaches skin quite ashen,
She looked around about the place in a nervous kind of fashion.

Then hitching up her skirt … she took off at a run,

Larry watched her run away … then turned and went inside,
He realised things had gone askew … but at least he could say he tried.

"These matters of the heart … they mess up with your head,"
"I think I'll give it all a miss … and get a dog instead!"



  1. Absolutely wonderful - fabulous illustrations, humorous clever story. Poor Larry - yes stick to a dog - they give you undying affection ALL THE TIME!

  2. Poor old Larry - but then again, he might fare better with a dog! Love the illustrations, Jo! xxx

  3. Great illustrations Jo. A dog is mans best friend, less complicated. . . . xx

  4. Brilliant Jo, not only are you clever with a paintbrush but with words too. When's the book launch?

  5. Oh, Larry . . . that's just too sad. Don't worry, she was probably a conniving b*tch who knew you were watching her from behind the tree everyday and just walked past at two fifteen to tease you . . .

  6. Please tell me you will publish your writings one day? Poor Larry, but yes a dog is a good idea, unconditional love and all that stuff. Jo you are such a talented writer and artist, so glad I have an original of yours of my very own.

  7. That's a hoot. This could be a manual for those awkward guys that just can't quite figure it out. I once had a guy give me some cast off flowers from a funeral. He got them at a bargain rate and removed the RIP ribbon but I gotta tell you I'm still creeped out by it after all these years. Fab illustrations and if Madeline were a redhead I'd think she were You!

  8. You're an absolute genius. When's the book coming out? x

  9. Brilliant! and with an excellent twist, I LOLLED! Larry should be published x x x

  10. Oh I hope you do something with this...pure brilliance. xxx

  11. I love this story and the pictures are fantastic! I have read it about 5 times already. With this one and the one you posted earlier you are on your way to a great story book. Hope you post another installment soon!

  12. Beautifully illustrated and cleverly rhymed, cute twists and turns and we feel for Larry! Great work. Get an agent! Xo Jazzy Jack