Friday 12 April 2013

Little Russian beauties......

I have always loved Russian Nesting Dolls.

Hidden away in the back of my brain somewhere is a memory from long, long ago of me playing with a set at some body's house.  I can't recall whose house it was....but I do recall falling in love with these beauties.

Over the years I have always meant to get myself a set.  But they always seemed to be either really authentic and therefore really expensive...or really cheap and therefore really cheap.

Then I came up with the grand plan to paint my own.

I bought myself a set like these....

....which you can get from eBay....and got to work.

Most of the authentic ones seem to be in bright, bold primary colours....but mine clearly aren't authentic and I didn't bother to try and make them look it.  So I just used colours I thought would suit the decor.

I painted them and then gave them a layer of varnish.  That's where the plans came a bit the clear varnish I used left a layer of bubbles and bumps over their entire surface.  I may have been able to sand them back and then re varnish....but I didn't want to take the chance of sanding the paint off.

So here they little Russian beauties....just don't look too close.....cause they've all got a bad case of acne!!


  1. Wow - they are amazing - you are very talented!

    1. Thanks Antonia...they were a lot of fun....but I will admit it was pretty challenging by the time I got to the littlest one :0)

  2. And they've all got red hair!!!! :-)

    1. Of course....what other colour would they be???