Monday 15 April 2013

And so the holidays begin.....

Term One has ended and the school holidays have officially begun.

This morning as I woke up it was a relief to school getting up early....time to laze around a little and watch the golf on the TV.  Huh??? What the?? I never watch golf on the TV...or anywhere else for that matter....but this morning an Aussie was winning something major....and who can resist an Aussie winning something major???

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For the record Adam Scott won the US Masters this morning...something no other Australian has ever managed to do.

School holidays have changed for used to be a time of having the kids underfoot....trying to come up with ways to occupy them....activities to dates to organise.  Oh...the endless games of Memory or Uno or whatever took their fancy...that had to be played and played until I thought I would scream. The "Mum...I'm bored" or even worse...the wouldn't believe how two boys confined within the same house can fight.

But times have moved on...and now holidays are a stark reminder of how grown up my boys are getting.   How it really won't be long until they both fly the coop and leave me a sad little empty nester.

Master 15 was up early...getting a ride with begin a nine hour shift at the Golden Arches.

Master 13 slept in....and then spends his days pottering.  He plays a bit of PlayStation....researches something about whatever he finds interesting....kicks the football around....jumps on the trampoline...whatever he fancies.  He is a potterer from way back...happy to just be at home....needing no particular attention from me...until it's time to eat.

I watch them not needing me....and I catch my's almost over....this motherhood caper.  But then Master 13 will give me a hug....or Master 15 will want to tell me about his day....and I can breath again.  It might be changing.....but I'm still Mum and they still need their Mum.....oh and they still fight....boy do those boys fight!!!

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