Tuesday 2 April 2013

Back to basics......

I decided to treat myself to a lie in this morning.

It may have been a bit of a hangover from the Easter Long Weekend....but I just couldn't force myself out of bed at 7.00am.  So the boys were instructed to get themselves off to school....which they are well old enough to do....and I decided to enjoy breakfast in bed with a good book.

Breakfast being the most important meal of the day and all...I decided a nutritious egg was just the thing......

There was a mountain of laundry calling my name...quite loudly unfortunately....so I was forced to get up and face the day.

Now I would conservatively estimate that in the years since I had children.....I have washed.....at the very least 5000 loads of washing.  I am so used to the task that I could do it in my sleep...and perhaps that was the problem.  Perhaps in the utter boredom of the chore I actually dozed off....because I made the most rookie of mistakes.

I washed these brand new maroon pants....along with all the other washing.....

....now you all know what that means don't you!

But someone, somewhere was taking pity on me today......the only thing to bear the telltale signs of my stupidity was this ugly, worn out, stretched, good for nothing t-shirt of Hubbys'....

Hallelujah and Praise the Lord...it's a just after Easter miracle!!

And pink does wonders for Hubby's complexion....really it does :0)


  1. Ugly, worn out, stretched and good for nothing it may be to you, but he'll more than likely decide that it's his absolute favourite when he sees what you've done to it!!! :-)