Sunday 6 December 2015

A picture's worth 1000 words ... weeks 48 and 49 ...

A photo a day ... every day ... in 2015.

Day 326:  Club grub @ Armidale.

Day 327:  We've arrived ... and the views from our balcony aren't too shoddy.
Welcome to Sunshine Beach.

Day 328:  Breakfast.

Day 329:  Noosa Beach.

Day 330:  Waiting for the sun to rise.

Day 331:  Water baby.

Day 332:  Hubby suggested a little bush walk ... the steep incline, high temperature and overwhelming humidity almost killed me ... but the views were first class :0)

Day 333:  That high humidity can only mean one thing ... evening thunderstorms.

Day 334:  Lazy dinners.

Day 335:  And all too soon it's over ... heading home.

Day 336:  We've arrived safe and sound ... to find one sulky dog.

Day 337:  Reality bites!

Day 338:  No it's not Gerard Butler (insert sad face) ... Hubby does The Phantom of the Opera ... for his work Xmas party.

Day 339:  My phone is suffering from severe injuries ... guess I know what to ask Santa for now.


  1. Oh your holiday just took me all the way back to July...oh to be enjoying that sunshine again...shame it all has to end with a pile of washing xxxxx

  2. Oh my gosh. I just love your stories and photos. If you ever stop doing this I shall go through serious withdrawal. So don't stop, okay?

  3. Ah so you've been to Qld...lucky you and the RSL (?) for lunch. It's a long time since I was at Noosa but your photos took me right back there...thanks. x

    1. It was the Bowling Club ... but close enough ;0)

  4. Love the old man's outfit and that beach is stunning! xxx

  5. What a nice little get away you had with the family. Jeez the lads are like the old fella! Poor Buster, bet he loves you again now you are home. Oh I so recognise that pile of laundry, dam boys!!

  6. Just done a mountain of washing not unlike yours!
    Nice holiday!! We are off to the beach in March for a month. Can't wait!
    Ah that water baby shot...gorgeous!
    Climbing in humidity? Arggh I feel you!
    Storms, yum.
    Hubby is so suave. Did he serenade you?
    The poor old phone...Christmas where are you? ;-)
    Xo Jazzy Jack