Sunday 13 December 2015

A picture's worth 1000 words ... week 50 ...

A photo a day ... every day ... in 2015.

Day 340:  Tree's up.

Day 341:  I love hydrangeas.

Day 342:  One lonely jasmine.

Day 343:  Obligatory Buster photo.

Day 344:  The face you have when you've just won the School Citizenship Award for 2015 ... and you weren't expecting it.

Day 345:  Star light ... star bright.

Day 346:  Knock, knock.


  1. Wow congratulations to,your boy....great achievement. Love seeing you festive cheer. Xxxx

  2. Well done to your son! Great photos as always. xxx

  3. Gorgeous pics, and well done to your big boy! xxx

  4. Lovely decorations. You definitely have no "tacky"!
    I love hydrangeas too.
    Our plants are very dry here and not doing too much flowering...ah Canberra!
    You should come and check out the arboretum next time you are here. Really great views!...oh, and let me know!
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  5. How proud must you be?
    Well done no.1 son.
    Lovely shots as ever.

  6. Oscar won the Oscar!!! I always thought he looked so much like Hubby - take off the glasses and that is a younger male version of you standing there xx

  7. You must be so proud. Lovely family, lovely pet, lovely tree, lovely garden, lovely photos. Yay Jo!

  8. You look Christmas ready in your house. Well done to the clever son, proud mother moment for sure.

  9. wow...amazing pictures....i like them all..
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