Sunday 7 June 2015

A picture's worth 1000 words … week 23 ...

A photo a day … every day … in 2015.

 Day 151:  Dandelion.

 Day 152:  Blowfly … so ugly he's almost beautiful.

Day 153:  Soaking up the winter sunshine.

 Day 154:  This boy …almost a man.

Day 155:  These two share a special connection.

Day 156:  My brown eyed boy.

Day 157:  Mood lighting our local Chinese restaurant.


  1. Great pics of your young men.....and that blow fly ..who would have thought!!!

  2. Another fab round-up! x

  3. Close-ups and portraits - beautiful pics, Jo! xxx

  4. Dandelions were made to be photographed. I'm obsessed!
    That blowfly is so Aussie. Your boys do you proud. xo Jazzy Jack

  5. Such beautiful pics of your handsome boys - love the dandelion pic and has Buster been to the Doggy Supermodel Academy?if so, he has totally aced the class, what a pic! x x x

  6. My favourite photo subjects are always flowers, animals and sons! I just want to second everything Sandra said. xoxo

  7. That dog is too cute! And didn't notice the blowfly so much as I couldn't take of my eyes off the pink and green. You're lucky your boys let you photograph them still Jo, mine won't :( Hope you have a great weekend xx