Friday 25 January 2013

The most important meal of the day.....

This morning as I was busily completing my I was sitting quietly reading a philosophy I was lazily lolling around in bed playing Angry Birds on the iPad....I could hear Master 15 banging and crashing around in the kitchen.

The sound of pots and pans, utensils and cutlery echoing throughout the house could only mean one thing.....Master 15 was cooking himself breakfast.

Now I know that such pursuits are to be's wonderful that he is growing up....becoming independent....that he is capable of looking after himself....that he is showing an interest in such things....his future wife will surely thank me...yada yada yada!

Deep down inside....I was cursing!

When Master 15 decides to cook it can only mean one thing......a huge, disastrous mess.  It usually involves twice as many pans than is strictly necessary.....every whisk, spoon and spatula in the house gets a workout.  There will be splashes and spillages on every conceivable surface...and on a few you would never have thought of......and it will all be kindly left for ME to clean up.

But despite my fears and impending frustration I bit my tongue and didn't rush out...I left him to his own devices.  I must admit the aroma of scrambled eggs wafting through the house was appetising.....I'm still working on the part where he makes whatever he is cooking for everyone and not just himself....and I waited.

Once everything was quiet....and the bedroom door slammed....I made my way out with trepidation to view the awaiting horror......and you know what...... wasn't too bad.....he could have leaned over and put the dirty dishes into the dishwasher....but everyone needs to leave a little room for improvement....right?


  1. Where have you been hiding? Just found you via Mrs Woog ... love your style, your whacky sense of humour ... love everything!!! Agree with all you write ... keep the gems coming ... redheads, love them, used to be one, still think like one ;)
    Off to add you to my Ace Aussie's list ;)
    ps : Do yourself a favour and tun off that useless comment thingy ;)

    1. Thank you Cherie....what a lovely comment :)
      p.s. I investigated that useless comment thingy...and turned it off...didn't even know I had it :)