Thursday 31 January 2013

I did a bad, bad thing.....

Yesterday I went to the shops.

Master 15.....who wasn't back to school until today....needed to get his school supplies.

He also wanted to check out a few clothes shops...being the fashionista that he we went shopping together.

Master 15 loves much as I do....and he will often encourage me into buying things that I don't really need....and I often let him.

I had been meaning to get myself a new pair of I thought I would have a quick look.

I am extremely indecisive when it comes to picking things like's just so hard to pick out what suits you best and what will be the most it's always helpful to have another opinion along with you.

The girl in the shop was lovely....very helpful....and very good at her job.  She looked at my face....and was immediately able to tell me what style, shape and colour would suit me best.  Everyone needs a girl like this when picking out sunglasses.

Problem was she was too good.

She zoomed around the store and plucked several pairs from here, there, everywhere.....and presented them to me to try on.

I loved every pair....they all looked good....and now I had the job of narrowing down these five pairs to just one.

So one went because they were too similar to my last pair and another went because they didn't feel as comfortable as the others.  The third pair were culled when they didn't pass her smile test.  You put on the glasses and smile a big smile.....if your cheeks touch the bottom of the frames they don't fit your face well....apparently.

So I was left with two pairs....two entirely different pairs....two entirely different colours....two entirely different shapes....two entirely different styles....and a big decision.....


...or these.......

Which pair to choose.....I HATE making decisions!!

I ummed and I ahhed....and I could NOT make up my

I bought both

Ssshhh....don't tell Hubby!!

Even Master 15 who loves spending money, specially someone else's, just shook his head in disgust.

I would love to say they were cheap ones....and it really didn't matter that I bought both.....but they weren't....and it did!

So I mentioned to Hubby...."I bought some sunglasses today"....I just didn't mention how many pairs.

Now to keep them hidden for long enough so that I can bring them out later and say "What these old things!"

Have you ever bought anything that just made you feel sick with guilt afterwards?

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