Sunday 15 November 2015

A picture's worth 1000 words … week 46 ...

A photo a day … every day … in 2015.

 Day 312:  Raindrops at night.

Day 313:  We've been watching Sherlock lately … the result … a big crush on Benedict Cumberbatch :0)

Day 314:  Hands up who likes cold, wet noses.

 Day 315:  Picking new specs.

Day 316:  Nature is cruel.

Day 317:  Two for the price of one.

Day 318:  No words!


  1. That is agreat likeness of BC!
    Superb pic of dragonfly captured in web and..... of course we are all thinking of Paris.

  2. Love your portrait of BC. I think you made him more handsome, or perhaps it's the softness of watercolour. Speaking of water, I also love the raindrops on the leaves. I could gaze at water drops on leaves endlessly. xoxo

  3. Oh that dragonfly. What a sad beautiful photo.

  4. Buster!!! I know all about the cold wet nose of a small dog. So what glasses were decided on?? Always love your close up photos, you never disappoint. France, what can we say. Lets hope this is not the beginning of some more horrible things.

  5. What a mouthful...Benedict Cumberbatch!
    Gorgeous shots again. The grasshoppers (?) look very purposeful on your sweet flower.
    Ah the cruelty of the poor dragonfly's death.
    Buster is a happy contrast!
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  6. Fantastic sketch of BC! Poor Dragonfly and poor Paris. x

  7. You capture the nature shots so perfectly. Xxx