Sunday 9 August 2015

A picture's worth 1000 words … week 32 ...

A photo a day … every day … in 2015.

Day 214:  You see lots of amazing talent at my annual Stitch n Bitch Weekend Getaway … problem is, none of it's mine ;0)

Day 215:  Spiky winter tree.

Day 216:  There's a mouse in the house … or more specifically in this cupboard … and I'm making sure it doesn't go anywhere else before Hubby gets home and deals with it!

Day 217:  Yes … it's ANOTHER dandelion shot.

Day 218:  I think this could well be a weed … but it's still pretty.

Day 219:  Daisy and guest.

Day 220:  Ring, ring.


  1. Ah poor mouse, I think they are cute but they are incontinent so can understand why it's under lock and ...sellotape. I think your weed is Vetch. We know you are talented as we saw your patchwork last year!

  2. You are a bug photographer par excellence. I like bugs. And flowers. And mice. And adorable red haired children and their mom.

  3. Eeeek a mouse in the house....why is it the mouse catcher is always away when needed. Hope you managed to keep him holed up xxx

  4. Of course! We all know mice are terrified of masking tape! I hope it isn't your pantry or you could be very skinny and mouse very fat by the time hubby returns :-) One way to ensure it doesn't escape.
    A phone with curly cord! Wow!
    The purple on the green...yum!
    Looove me a dandelion and some grass. Don't stop. Xo Jazzy Jack

  5. I am impressed with your rodent control system in place, and yes best left to the hubby. I love spikey winter trees, I call them NAKED!!

  6. Goodness me, that creation in the first picture is gorgeous! x

  7. Wow, that patchwork is amazing! I know you have sewing skills too, Jo, and we all appreciate your photography expertise. As usual, the close-ups are wonderful. xxx