Sunday 5 April 2015

A picture's worth 1000 words … week 14 ...

A photo a day … every day … in 2015.

Let me start by apologising for the very poor photos I am presenting this week.

We've been a tad busy.

After enduring many, many years of nagging Hubby finally caved agreed that we could renew the floors in our place.  And this week was the week.  This involved packing up everything within the house and somehow storing the entire contents in the laundry and the garage.  No easy feat … but if you've ever played Tetris you will get the idea.

As a result the quality and content of my photos suffered … because
a) Most of the time I couldn't find my camera.
b)  There wasn't much to see … except a few tradie cracks … but I spared you those.
c)  I was too stuffed to think about taking photos.

So without further ado … here they are …

Day 88:  Off to Italy for Master 15's birthday … OK … just off for Italian.

Day 89:  Those afoot plans are underway.

Day 90:  Two boys washing up … had to record that one for posterity.

Day 91:  The table's set for dinner … we're super classy around here!

Day 92:  Progress.

Day 93:  As far as we got before the flooring ran out … delays are an integral part of a renovation aren't they?

Day 94:  Mood lighting … mainly because it was one of the few things I've unpacked … but also because I need something to improve my mood after running out of flooring!!


  1. That looks like a mammoth task but it'll be worthwhile when you have your new wood floor. Well done for posting snaps anyway, not easy at all when the house is in disarray. Happy birthday Master 15.

  2. The new floors are looking good! Ha, boys do wash up then, that's good to know... And what is Buster running off with? xxx

  3. Well trained lads there! Great flooring and love Buster in action. x

  4. Ah renovations!! Aren't they just the best!! *sob*...... Love the flooring, it'll look great when it all comes! ;) I found that during times of undue stress brought about by renovations(and we've done our fair share over the past 25 years) that hiding in a corner with a big bottle of something alcoholic helps! Our boy also helped clear and wash up yesterday, unfortunately I was unable to take a photo as I was in a dead faint on the floor! ;-D OH and your placemats.........bluddy awesome ;-) lol

  5. That is a job I would like to do here too...but I am thinking twice after your collection of pics. Xxxx

  6. So Master 14 is now Master 15 - belated Happy Birthday to him. That flooring looks like a mammoth task but will make a huge change to the look of the house, it's the fiddly edging bits that take up all the time xx

  7. Photos of lads doing anything slightly domestic should always be taken and held for future evidence when required. You certainly are all class at the dinner table, I mean to say, junk mail, that is defo class!! Builders crack would have just been the icing on the class cake I think. Next time??

  8. Love the new flooring! You will adore it once finished...hang in there!
    Buster is funny with the bow and the monkey(?) running away.
    Corgatulate hubby on the win, but maybe he doesn't need it! xo Jazzy Jack