Friday 18 April 2014

Good grief … it's Good Friday ...

Umm … correct me if I'm wrong … but wasn't it only Christmas about six days ago … six weeks at the absolute maximum … and that's severely pushing it.

But apparently we find ourselves at Easter … and Good Friday most specifically.

Good Friday is an odd kind of day … the one day of the year where there is really nothing going on.  No shops or pubs or activities … but without the "gotta go and visit as many family members as possible in one day" pressure of Christmas.

It's a lazy kind of day … well it is for us nonpracticing religious type folk.

First on the agenda for the day was a bit of baking … Hubby is currently turning into some kind of Betty Crocker … and decided to whip up a batch of hot cross buns.

This is despite the fact that I bought THREE packets of them in Coles yesterday … because a) it's Easter and it's kind of a legal requirement to have hot cross buns in the house at Easter and b) I fell victim to the buy 3 for the price of 2 sting … when as it turns out I didn't even need 1.

They did look pretty good … Hubby's buns not Coles … I don't know Coles that well ;0)

After partaking of the buns … and feeling them making themselves at home on our thighs ... we decided a little physical exercise was the order of the day.

After all it was a beautiful day outside.

The boys played with their balls.

While I walked Buster from one sniffing post to the next …

and everything in between.

After which Buster settled into the only shade he could find to watch those boyish shenanigans.

Catching the ball.

Fighting over the ball.

And sometimes missing the ball entirely.

Time for a couple of quick  Easterish portraits.

A  quick run.

A drink.

And home again.

Then Hubby and I ventured off on a scenic drive … where I took a couple of photos of said scenery.

And one of the barbed wire … just for the sake of it.

And then … even though we are nonpracticing religious type folk … we decided to have fish for lunch … because a) anyday is a good day for fish in my books and b) it was the only place open.

Now I'm off to google just why it is we should eat fish on Good Friday.

Happy Easter Everyone!!


  1. Have a great weekend, Joe's the one on our family with the religious upbringing although he doesn't partake, he went to the Catholic schools etc etc! Me I'm an atheist and not into any of BUT and it's a BIG BUT....I'll eat chocolate and bunnies....ah make that chocolate bunnies ;-D Great photos and I'm fair worn out wiv all that running around! Phew I'm orf to bed!

  2. Hub's hot x buns look scrumptious and I bet they taste better than Coles.

  3. Ooh, nice buns! Mr. AHRH should be very proud!
    Look at those glorious blue skies, so beautiful. xxx

  4. I think we're sharing the same skies today, ours are equally blue and beautiful.
    Those buns look delicious, i haven't had hot cross buns in years! xxx

  5. Hubby has gorgeous buns! I love going on outings with your family. It's so much fun and you have sunshine!

    1. We have had beautiful sunny weather lately … 29 degrees (84 fahrenheit) forecast for tomorrow … and it's the end of April … it's madness.

  6. I'm a Catholic (worst type, haven't been to Church in ages) and I haven't the foggiest why there is no meat! not. a. clue! - your hubbys buns look delicious ooh-err! and it looks like a blooming good day out! we have had sunshine today! our skies looked like yours! it was wonderful! x x x

    1. Well I found out its all to do with Lent … now to go google Lent ;0)

  7. O my, I don;t know where the time has gone either!!!! It freaks me out a little.......
    Indeed, this archaic religious holiday thing has got to go! I do like the time off, for sure, the the holiday itself is not valid for most of us.Every religion should have it's own holidays, and if your not, you gte the ame days, but when you choose. Makes sense to me!

  8. Go hubby!! He makes a splendid bun and now you know every Easter not to be sucked in by the old 3 for 2 deal anymore as you have Mr Betty Crocket in your own kitchen!! TOF is a bit of a dab hand in the kitchen too, I gladly give him the apron and the ingredients. What a gorgeous day to be out doors. We like you had nothing open yesterday except for foodie places and other essential services like video stores. Bloody joke really. Your lads are getting tall, all long legs and can I say it, beautiful. Not a word they like so throw handsome at them for me. Oscar is like Buster but he not only sniffs everything he air wees on everything because he runs out of wee before he runs out of things to wee on. xx

  9. Oh what a beautiful day. All buns and balls and pee. Life with boys. Am I right??

  10. Happy Easter...lovely day in the sunshine. Xxx

    1. It was a lovely day … we've been spoilt with about a week of then now

  11. Hee hee, loved your bit about walking Buster from one sniffing post to another! Completely get you there! And he's just a sweetie, I could put him in my pocket and bring him home if I wasn't a million miles away! Looks like you had a lovely day in the sun x