Friday 16 November 2012

Viva Las Vegas.....

It was our last day in Vegas today.

We spent most of it pondering the realisation that unless you want to drink and gamble all day every day...there really isn't much to do in this city.

You can only view so many casinos, and you can only do so much shopping....well only as much us baggage restrictions will allow....and that's about it!!

Still I thought it would be wrong to take a trip to Las Vegas and not gamble at least Hubby and I put $20 in one of those machines. When we got it up to $40 I made him take it back out again .....and that was my high rolling experience.

We got some half price tickets to Madame was a bit of fun.....we managed to amuse ourselves quite well.......but I certainly wouldn't have wanted to pay full price!

Then this evening we went and saw David Copperfield....he was amazing....but I must is it that he has been around for so many years...,and looks younger today than when he started???? It's one of the mysteries of life.....I'd like the secret to that magic trick!!!

So long Las's been fun.....

1 comment:

  1. So you got to tell Oprah the secret of life, Hubby got to brag to Hugh Hefner, Master A got to sing with Prince, but what the bejesus is that other son of yours up to???!!! Hahahaha . . . .

    Raining here today and Mr B has spent the day curled up in the cane chair, snoring his little head off! :o)