Thursday 1 November 2012


Almost go!!

Bags are all packed...and lo and behold I managed to fit most of my stuff in.  All the time I stuffed and squeezed I wondered if there is such a thing as a professional packer...because I could sure use their services and I'm prepared to pay good money for them.

Hubby took one look and declared "So you won't be doing any shopping then".....but I have a cunning plan....Master 12's clothes can be added to Master 15's case and that leaves me a whole suitcase to fill with my purchases...not sure where they're going to put theirs...but that's a problem for another day!

We leave home tomorrow, and fly out on Saturday morning....I thought I would summarise the upcoming events.

What I would like to happen over the next day or two.....
  • Leave home in the morning...leaving nothing unlocked, turned on or left behind.
  • Drive 2 hours to my sister's place to drop Buster off for his little country vacation.
  • Drive to Hubby's parents place in Sydney and get them to drive us to our hotel near the airport.
  • Enjoy a fantastic nights sleep.
  • Wake up early.
  • Zip over to the airport and jump on the plane, after being upgraded to business class.
  • The flight will proceed without turbulence and I will enjoy a solid 10 hours sleep.
  • The pilot will find a hitherto unknown short cut magically cutting hours off our trip.
  • We will land at LAX and find that there is no stop over after all and we are ushered immediately onto out connecting flight.
  • We will land safely at JFK, find a cab pronto, and arrive at our hotel where there will be fully functioning power, the subways will have reopened and there will be absolutely no ill effects from Hurricane Sandy.
What will actually happen over the next day or two......
  • Leave home later than we would like and realise 20 minutes into the trip that we left the iron on or the tap running.
  • Drive 3 hours to my sister's place, because there is an accident on the F3 and road work on the M7, leave Buster behind with clinical depression.
  • Drive to Hubby's parents place and get stuck in peak hour traffic while they drive us to our hotel near the airport.
  • Barely sleep a wink all night.
  • Drag myself out of bed 5 minutes after I finally fall asleep.
  • Get to the airport on a smelly shuttle bus, wait in a really long queue to check in, be seated in the middle row with no windows, and then find the plane has been delayed for an hour.
  • The take off will be terrifying, the turbulence will be the worst ever experienced in aviation history and I will be tensely gripping the armrests the entire way and won't sleep at all.
  • Because of said turbulence the trip will also be the longest in aviation history.
  • We will land at LAX to find that we have missed our connecting flight and  have to wait 12 hours for another.
  • We will finally arrive at JFK, wait in a long line for a cab, not know how much to tip the cab driver and get in a fight with him, our hotel will have no power and the city will be entirely shut down for the duration of our stay....including the shops.
Let's get this show on the road....


  1. Bahahahahahaha!! Your positiveness is positively electrifying!!! :o)

    1. As long as you acknowledge the worst case won't happen....if your expectations are end up disappointed! a round about way...I am in fact being a glass half full style person :)