Wednesday 14 November 2012

I love shopping....and the nouveau cirque.....

I am totally losing track of what day of the week it is.....holidays will do that to you.....I guess it's a sign of how relaxed we all are!!

Luckily we have Hubby's colour coded itinerary spreadsheet to keep us on track or we might forget something really shopping....which was on today's agenda.

We caught the bus up to the northern end of the Las Vegas strip, where a shoppers heaven awaits....the Factory Outlet Centre.

Bliss....and because today had been colour coded for shopping.....and we all take Hubby's itinerary very seriously ....(read that line with a sarcastic tone)....I made sure I played my part and bought up big.....I mean it's the least I could do.....right?!?!

This evening we went and saw Cirque Du Soleil - was amazing....absolutely loved it! Now I want to see all the other shows they have in Vegas....might need another week here.....oh and an extra mortgage on the house!!

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