Monday 17 December 2012

The present and the past.....

Master 12 had his Primary Presentation and Graduation Assembly today.

Grade 6 show off their graduation certificates
It's the end of an more children in Primary School...and two in High School!

It makes me feel......old!

I have written about the idiosyncrasies of Master 12 here.  Today somehow confirmed them all over again.

Each class teacher is allowed to present 5 awards to their chosen students.  These awards are highly sought after by both the children and their parents.  We were told that Master 12 was getting one...and there was much discussion at home as to what it might be for.  He is not known for his academic prowess...he does not top the class....he likes to participate in sport...but never wins...we scratched our heads and decided to wait and see.

As his teacher announced to the gathered assembly the winners of her awards I waited with bated breath.   There were the usual "Literacy Excellence", "Most Improved", "Consistent Effort"...she called out the names of four recipients...up they went and collected their certificates...and then last of all..."This is an unusual award.....if you ask this man any question he will answer it.....he has an outstanding general knowledge".....and then she read out Master 12's name.

She caught up with us later....and reiterated amazing is the extent of his general knowledge...she has never seen the like....and the whole class goes to him when they need to know something.  I was very proud...and better was Master 12.

Proud as punch
Before I go.....I just need to mention another matter that weighs heavily on my mind and heart today.

It was 2 years ago today that I lost my beautiful Mum....I miss her more and more every single day.

I constantly find myself thinking..."I'll just give Mum a call"....and then I remember I can't give her a call.....ever again.  

There are so many things I would love to tell her...(she would have been thrilled with Master 12's award today)....or ask her.....I would love the opportunity to have just one more chat.

What I find so hard to accept is that I now have a finite number of memories of her.....I can never make a new one....and it scares me how the ones I have start to matter how often I relive them in my mind.

Losing your Mum makes you feel like a little kid...there is never a good time or a good age....everyone needs their Mum.

Miss you Mum xxxx

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  1. I feel like for the first twelve months, there was a total lack of comprehension on any level, it hadn't happened, she was still here, maybe I hadn't been down to see her lately, I should go more, but she was just there at the nursing home where we'd seen her the last time. Maybe the fantasy was that she was again more mobile, and lucid, just the Mum of old. But definitely still there. The second twelve months has brought the realisation of the dreadful finality of our loss. Not so much that we haven't heard her voice for two years, but that we'll never hear it again. My great fear is that by the time this date comes around again, our memories will be fading and that she will be getting further and further away from us.

    My heart is broken today.