Saturday 15 December 2012

100 posts and the truth about Christmas.....

Today is my 100th post.....YAY for me!!!

Master 12 had his bubble burst during the year.  He still believed in Santa Claus.  I kept waiting for him to advise me that the jolly old fellow in red wasn't real....but he never did.  He also still believed in the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy....he's a very innocent and trusting soul.

As he was hurtling towards the end of Primary School, and High School was fast approaching I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands.....well, Master 15 actually decided he HAD to know.  It was feared that he would be eaten alive in High School if he didn't know the reality of the matter...and so I sat him down for "the talk".....(no, not that one, though that was had this year too....but that's a post for another day).

I gave him the raw and unvarnished left him a little shell shocked.

"So all these years YOU have been buying those presents?"

He took a while to soak it all in....was definitely less upset about the tooth fairy....he always found her a little creepy anyway.....and then went on his way just that little bit less innocent and trusting.

This new knowledge didn't appear to overly concern him....until Christmas was approaching and he decided it might affect the volume of his present haul.  I explained that he would receive presents under the tree from us...not Santa.  This caused it's own more waking up at 2.00am and checking what you he would have to wait until we all woke up and actually "did" the presents.

Then he told me of his friends that still "really believe".....and still get visited by Santa.

Apparently most of them already know what they're getting for Christmas.

"How do they know if Santa is bringing them?" I ask.

"Cause they know where their Mum hides them...and they always look when she goes out."

HA!!!.....those wily little foxes!!

PS.  To all those children out there that can backfire on you.  I remember doing the snoop into my Mum's wardrobe one year and finding an electronic game I had been longing was the new "in" thing and all the cool kids had them.  I eagerly awaited Christmas Day....with my secret knowledge giving me a warm feeling of anticipation.  Christmas Day arrives and no game....I was sooo disappointed and yet I couldn't say a thing...because I wasn't supposed to know about it anyway.  Turns out I had to wait until my birthday in April....of course by then something else was the new "in" thing!!!!

Oh I longed for you

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