Thursday 13 December 2012

Sometimes things just don't work out.....even at Christmas.....

Especially at Christmas.....

A couple of years ago my extended family got sick of the whole Christmas day juggling act.

You know the one where you have to be in at least two entirely different places on the same day.

When Christmas becomes a stressful rush, spending the day sitting in traffic trying to get from one side of the city to the other....knowing that everyone is holding lunch or dinner or presents or backyard cricket until you finally get there.

When you end up feeling absolutely exhausted by the time the day is done. That you never had time to catch your breath and actually sit down and spend time with your family....even though that's what the day is supposed to be all about.  That's when you know it's just not working!

When my sister's kids found they had to visit 4 different homes, 4 Xmas meals...all in one day we decided enough was enough. (That's what happens when you have your Dad's place, your in-laws, your Aunt's and then your Mum's)

We would rather meet on Boxing Day and spend the whole day with each other...well that was the plan anyway.

This year it was decided that the family gathering would be at my brother's place on the Saturday before Christmas.

Mmmm...that sounds a bit risky.....after all Saturday is Hubby's cricket day.....and he protects that like a mother bear protects her young.  Nothing is allowed to interfere with spending all day hanging around in the sun in unattractive white clothes....not even Christmas.

So I reconciled myself to being a single Mum for the day....packing up the kids and the pressies and heading off to Sydney on our own.  Then Master 15 got his roster.....he's working!

Master 15 is gainfully employed by the Golden Arches......they don't stop for Christmas either.

So that leaves me with a scheduling dilemma...there is no way I can fit a trip to Sydney...and the requisite celebrations.....into the timetable of Master 15 drop off and pick up.

And just like that my family Christmas goes down the drain......

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