Friday 28 December 2012


An Ode to the Christmas Ham

The fridge is full of Christmas Ham,
There's no room there for beef or lamb.
We've kilos of the stuff to eat,
Have some for's my treat.

Now how about a ham cheese roll,
Perhaps some shredded in a bowl.
I'll slice some up...have it for brunch,
Then pack a sandwich for your lunch.

I'll add some to a'll see,
It's just the thing for morning tea.
Then later on this afternoon,
I'll feed you some from off a spoon.

Then a pizza topped with ham for dinner,
Is bound to be a sure fire winner.
I'll add some to a quiche tomorrow,
Then put some in a snack to follow.

I'll slice some's just like bacon,
have it with won't be faking.
In fritters, hash browns, omelettes...more,
Just keep on eating...there's ham galore.

Then when our blood pressure starts to zoom,
From all the salty meat consumed.
And the Doctor gasps at our fast heart rate,
We'll tell him "Doctor, just one more plate"

We cannot waste our Christmas Ham,
It cost 7 bucks per thousand grams.

By Me


  1. Hahahahaha!! Too funny!! How come this happens every year - why don't we ever learn?

  2. I was given quite a lot of sliced ham by one of my sons. It's beautiful, he made a lovely glaze and it's super moist and very tender. However, I can relate to your verse quite easily. I live by myself and think he thought he was feeding several people.

    Ham and mango chutney on sourbread toast for lunch today and ham risotto, salad and some white wine for dinner. Still another couple of meals left.

    1. Yum...sounds've just given me a couple more ham ideas.
      Unfortunately I think we have another couple of weeks worth of meals left on ours...we eat and eat and I swear it never gets any less :)