Sunday 2 September 2012

Happy Fathers Day.....

Well the weather really turned it on for Fathers Day today...what a gorgeous day!!!

Hubby was well spoiled today on "his" day....he received some lovely presents....things he actually wanted.

I must admit my guilty secret.....sometimes I take the opportunity on his birthday etc to get him something I want.  It may sound unfair....but's only sensible.  If I ask him what he wants...he says "nothing".  But I have learnt that you can't really get him nothing!!!

I took him at his word one Christmas.....and he has never let me forget... "the year he didn't have a present to open".  So each birthday, Christmas, Father's day I ask him what he wants....."Nothing" I get something I want...wrap it up and give it to him.  Don't think he's worked it out yet...but when he gets those patent leather stilettos for Christmas the cat might be out of the bag.

I even took him out for lunch...a $2.50 sausage sandwich from Bunnings.....but it's the thought that counts...right???

We spent the afternoon trying to find our back garden under all the weeds, and by the end of the day we could almost see it.  Problem is that by next weekend they will all be back again!!  Mind you, half the time I can't tell a weed from a plant.  I say "Oooh..this one's nice", he gives me THE look and I know it's not a keeper.

One highlight of our gardening adventure, not the huge spider with the 1000's of babies on her back that ran over my foot, but a real...actual good highlight..was that Master 12 mowed a lawn for the first time ever.  He did a great job and was well proud of himself...perhaps this will encourage him that laziness is not his calling in life after all.

Last but not least, is that Buster (the hairy member of our family) made a new friend today.  He introduced himself in the customary manner of sniffing it's bum....

...that is one confused dog!!!

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