Tuesday 12 March 2013

Strike a pose.....

Back in the dark ages...when I was a teenager....the world was clearly a very different place.

As I recall...teenage boys either wore hand-me-downs or clothes their mothers' picked up in Kmart.

Things have changed...oh boy have they changed.

Master 15 spends more on clothes than I do....luckily he has a part time job and earns his own money....because I certainly couldn't afford to support his fashionista lifestyle.

He currently has some kind of metro indie hipster vibe going on....don't understand??....never mind...neither do I.  But in an attempt to keep up with the jiggy jig I decided to educate myself.  This called for a little research...thank you Urban Dictionary.....and I am now happy to share my newly acquired knowledge with anyone who is still reading.....

Metro Male:  A good-looking, fashionable young man who pays special attention to style and taste who displays the levels of care and pride in their appearance which is usually associated with women; but who are not deemed to be homo-sexual and are secure in their masculinity.

Indie Fashion:  Indie Fashion is unique to every person.  People who make their own clothes or try different things instead of buying what their friends are wearing and following the crowd.  Indie clothes are trendy and make you stand out.  Rarely are Indie clothes brand names, most of the time it's vintage/retro/home-made.

Hipster:  Hipsters reject the culturally-ignorant attitudes of mainstream consumers, and are often seen wearing vintage and thrift store inspired fashions, tight fitting jeans, old-school sneakers and sometimes thick rimmed glasses.

So what do you think......does he wear it well?


  1. I really like his glasses!


    1. I like them too....now....I thought they were a bit Buddy Holly to begin with :0)